• Nasal Congestion

    Nasal Congestion in Babies and Infants

    Nasal congestion in babies and infants is not uncommon. It simply refers to a stuffy nose.

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  • lifeguarding

    Drowning Emergencies

    A drowning casualty usually suffocates in water because drowning causes the airways to shutdown to prevent the entrance of water.

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  • Edmonton First Aid

    Bronchitis: Risk Factors and Complications

    Bronchitis is a condition that results due to the inflammation of the bronchi that carry air to and away from the lungs

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St Mark James Training is a proud provider of high quality and low priced food safety, pet first aid and workplace approved first aid courses. St. Mark James Training has been providing quality programs and courses since 2009. We have focused on knowledgeable and experienced instructors and comfortable learning centres. We are experienced providers with training centres located throughout Canada. All of our workplace approved first aid and CPR courses meet strict standards and follow the latest first aid and CPR requirements. Candidates that complete a course from our workplace approved programs will receive a certificate valid for 36 months which meets the highest government and workplace standards. We also offer re-certification courses for participants that need to renew expiring awards. Candidates can also take Food Safety Certification programs at our training facilities. For more information about the available courses we offer and / or to register visit the course page of your choosing from below or from the main menu.

Workplace Approved First Aid Courses

We proudly feature all of the major first aid courses available in Canada. All of our first aid classes include CPR training and candidates have the option of selecting the level of CPR training to partner with the first aid course. Automated external defibrillator (AED) training is also included in the first aid programs. Candidates can choose from all of the major first aid courses including standard, emergency and childcare first aid. Registration for any of these courses can be done quickly and comfortably through the on-line registration program. To register for any of the above mentioned workplace approved first aid classes select the course of your choosing from the menu or visit the first aid course page.

CPR Courses
CPR Courses Candidates that are required to have only CPR certification can take stand-alone CPR courses with us. We offer a number of different CPR "only" programs that do not feature any first aid certification or training. These courses include basic life support CPR (also known as CPR level "A"), CPR level "C" and health care provider CPR (also known as CPR "HCP" and CPR "C" for health care providers). Each of these courses encompasses training in the utilization of automated external defibrillators. Registration can be completed on-line and candidates can receive certificates immediately after successful completion of the program.
Re-Certification Many individuals are required to maintain current first aid and / or CPR certification for employment purposes. We offer workplace approved renewal programs for individuals that want to renew certification. These refresher classes are cheaper and shorter than the original program and provide successful candidates with certification awards that have the same value as the original certificates. For more information about the required prerequisites for the program or to register visit our re-certification page.
Food Safety Classes
We proudly offer high quality and low priced food safety classes for individuals in the Red Deer region. This courses provides successful participants with food safety certificates that meet provincial requirements and regulations. In this 8 hour course candidates learn basic skills in food safety such as preparing, storing, handling and packaging food. This course is designed to teach participants the basic skills to keep people healthy and safe. To register for one of our food safety classes visit our food safety page.
Pet First Aid and CPR
We are experienced providers of pet first aid and CPR programs. These courses are designed for individuals that want to learn to recognize and care for their pets in emergencies. Participants will learn the latest rescue techniques via hands on training at our modern and well-equipped training centres. For more information or to register visit our pet first aid and CPR page.
Great Instructors
All of the instructors employed at St Mark James Training are friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and professional. Our experienced instructors are committed to making the course enjoyable and informative. Regardless of the course you register for you will receive "hands on" training using the best equipment and training available.
Customer Reviews
We have amazing customer reviews and testimonials from previous customers. We pride ourselves on offering the best programs conveniently throughout Red Deer at the lowest prices.
No Pressure Policy
At St Mark James Training we have a "no pressure" policy. If you do not complete the course after attending the first time you can re-take the course at no extra cost.

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