Standard First Aid Re-Certification

Red Deer First Aid provides re-cert courses for students that want to recertify old standard first aid, CPR and AED awards. This renewal program is specifically made for candidates which have previously done a reputable standard first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation class and want to renew the license. The renewal certification is of identical value as compared to the initial cert and is also current for 36 months. CPR “C” renewal is¬†incorporated into the lesson. Course location and time is listed down the page and applicants can complete the registration through our online system. Before applying individuals must ensure they fulfill St Mark James re-certification requirements listed below. Red Deer First Aid gives standard first aid and CPR renewal instructional classes at the most competitive rates and top locations within Red Deer.

Re-Cert Criteria

Applicants have to satisfy the subsequent criteria prior to signing up for a standard first aid and CPR renewal / re-certification course:

  • St Mark James Standard First Aid Re-Certification Courses in Red Deer, Alberta

    Outdated certification should be issued by a credible Canadian provider for instance the Lifesaving Society, St. Johns Ambulance, St Mark James or Heart and Stroke Foundation. If your certificate was granted via another service provider please make sure to contact us to determine that the certification is acceptable.

  • Previous certificate needs to have been written in the past 3 years. If the certificate is more than three years old the candidates must redo the program.
  • Valid / current certificates must be presented to the instructor prior to completion of the course.

Course Details

The price of the renewal course is seventy five dollars. This fee consists of workplace approved accreditation costs and taxes. The duration of the class is around Six to eight hours as dictated by the workplace approved. The program needs to be a minimum of six hours despite of students experience or ability.


The moment individuals finish the necessary skills aspect and test they’ll get a standard first aid award that is valid for 3 years. This workplace approved class is provided with CPR “C” re-certification. Be sure to contact us if you wish to re-cert an alternative level of CPR and AED with this re-cert class.

Individual / Private Instructional classes

Independent standard first aid re-certification programs are obtainable. Give us a call or e-mail to schedule a private re-cert course.

Standard first aid and CPR re-certification dates, times and locations are posted below. Select the date and time that fits yours schedule and select the “register” button.

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