Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Hazardous Materials and Safety

Canada is dedicated to making all occupations safe – that includes jobs that have to do with hazardous materials (or HAZMAT). When a person works with HAZMAT, his or her risk for getting injured or damage occurring is quite high compared to other occupations. Canada’s government wants to protect the public from damages due to hazardous materials, which is why the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System was created.

WHMIS is used all over Canada by all businesses and facilities that handle hazardous materials. It’s focus is on proper labeling of hazardous material containment units with symbols and a safety mark (a printed label with specific information). Training is also part of the system, wherein suppliers of HAZMAT are required to train its staff in the WHMIS.

Supplier Label

A supplier is a person or facility who is the source of the hazardous material. The supplier is responsible for labeling a HAZMAT container with a “supplier label”. The safety mark is a printed label with the following information on it: (1) name of product, (2) name of supplier, (3) reference to the material safety data sheet, (4) hazard symbol, (5) risk phrases, (6) precautionary measures, and (7) first aid measures. If the container is small (less than 100 mls.), the label can be reduced with only the first four pieces of information shown.

WHMIS Training at Red Deer First Aid

WHMIS training is offered at Red Deer First Aid as a classroom or an online course. Both types of courses have six units but cost differently. Classroom training costs 49.99 dollars while online training costs 29.99 dollars.

Note: Online training is a little bit different. It only runs for three hours and the lessons are divided into six modules. After each module is short test that you need to pass before proceeding to the next module.

Certificates for WHMIS training do not expire nor do you need to take refresher classes every few years. You are encouraged to retake training every few years, but not required.

The following topics are included in a WHMIS training program. Basic first aid is touched up but not completely discussed. Red Deer First Aid offers separate basic and advanced first aid and CPR training.

Hazard symbols

Supplier labels

WHMIS legislations

Employee rights and responsbilities

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Enrollment to the WHMIS

You can enroll in the WHMIS course in person during our business hours from 8 AM to 5 PM. We also encourage prospective students who are unable during our business hours to enroll online, via the form below. It is an interactive form you fill up online, no more need for downloads.

WHMIS training is only available monthly so do sign up early. Slots for the program tend to run out quite early, even as early as two to three months in advance.

Note: If you enroll online, we can only confirm your slot during the next business day. Students who enroll in person during business hours get confirmed immediately, so it is up to you if which enrollment method would suit you best.

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