Food Safety Exam Policy

  1. Must show government issued photo id and sign under their name on the roster
  2. Must be closed book and no course content must be visible.
  3. Must be written within 1 hour
  4. Writing utensils provided
  5. No communication between students.
  6. No washroom breaks during exam time
  7. No electronic devices allowed.
  8. No visitors allowed
  9. Communication to the teacher or leaving the room must be done quietly
  10. Cellphones must be turned off (no vibrate mode)
  11. Scent free area
  12. 70% grade minimum to pass
  13. Fill in circle sheet
  14. Personal details must be filled in correctly on exam sheet.
  15. Name on certificate must match government issued id
  16. Failure of exam will be allowed to retry at a later date.
  17. Students not following these rules will be asked to retake the exam at a later date.
  18. Multiple versions must be used if more than one person is attending the examination
  19. Participatnts arriving more than 15 minutes late must take it at a later date
  20. Must be seated one empty space apart
  21. Verbal and physical harassment free environment and must be maintained by all participants
  22. Answer that is most correct.
  23. Test sheet and answer sheet must be kept on record and not handed back to the student.
  24. Students cannot record or photograph exam questions
  25. Instructor must keep record of roster and exam and file accordingly.
  26. Alcohol and substance abuse free zone. Violence is not permitted.
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