Broken Bones

Chance fracture

Chance fracture

A Chance fracture is a form of spinal injury. It is also called as seat belt fractures since they are brought about by lap belt-style seat belts during vehicular accidents. With the addition of the shoulder belt, this type of injury is now uncommon. The injury occurs once the spine flexes and extends with excessive […]

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Amoxicillin rash

Broken thumb

A broken thumb typically involves the first metacarpal bone of the hand. Most cases arise at the base of the 1st metacarpal, right above the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. If an individual is suspected with a broken thumb, it is vital to seek prompt medical care. What are the signs? The indications of a broken

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Hairline fracture

A hairline fracture is characterized as a miniature crack or severe bruise in a bone. The injury is prevalent among athletes particularly those that involve jumping and running. Those who are diagnosed with osteoporosis are at risk. The fracture is often due to overuse or repeated actions where microscopic damage develops on bone over time.

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Broken collarbone: What are the signs and proper treatment?

A broken collarbone is a common form of injury. It can occur among infants, children and adolescents as well as athletes or during accidents or falls. What are the indications? Generally, an individual with a broken collarbone complains of shoulder pain and difficulty in moving the affected arm. The usual signs of the injury include: Pain

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Mallet finger

A mallet finger is defined as damage to the fingertip where it is bent inwards towards the palm. The affected finger could not be straightened since the tendon linking the muscle to the finger bone is torn or overly stretched. The affected finger is also swollen and painful. In some instances, the tendon is not

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