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Folliculitis is defined as inflammation or infection in one or several hair follicles. It is important to note that the hair follicles are miniature cavities surrounding the roots of the hair. The condition can develop on skin where hair grows, including the scalp. It is likely to develop on the buttocks, thighs, armpits and neck […]

Foot blisters

Foot blisters might form due to friction. Prolonged standing or walking places pressure on the toes, heels and soles. The longer one is on his/her feet throughout the day, the higher the risk for blisters. What are the other causes? Wearing poorly fitting shoes can also result to foot blisters. Shoes that are too tight […]

Trench foot

Trench foot is a serious condition that arises if the feet has been wet for extended periods. Despite the increased awareness in keeping the feet dry, it is still possible to develop the condition if the feet are exposed to cold and wet conditions for extended periods. Due to continued cold and dampness, the feet […]

Armpit rash

An armpit rash can last for a few hours up to months. Generally, the rash can be red, scaly, bumpy or white. The rash might not be evident right away, but the irritation and itchiness can be unbearable in some cases. There are various causes of an armpit rash. Determining the root case will make […]


Gangrene develops once deoxygenated blood causes tissue death in some section in the body, usually in the feet or hands. It is considered as a serious condition that can lead to limb amputation or even death. It requires prompt treatment to prevent the spread of tissue death as quickly as possible. What are the types? […]

Close look on pruritus

Pruritus is defined as an itch that urges one to scratch the site. The usual cause of pruritus is dry skin, but can also be caused by other skin conditions, medications or pregnancy. Who are at risk? There are certain individuals who are prone to develop pruritus such as: Elderly Individuals diagnosed with diabetes Atopic […]