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CPR performed on a man involved in a shooting incident

A man involved in the Cache creek shooting died despite CPR. The Ashcroft RCMP attended an apparent shooting incident at a house in the 1000 block of Collins Road of Cache Creek after receiving a 911 call. Upon the arrival of the police, they found a deceased adult male. The BC Emergency Health services stated […]


Residents quickly deliver CPR to save a man struck by a truck

Abbotsford residents helped save the life of a man with CPR after struck by a truck on Lougheed Highway. The Abbotsford resident, Jeremy Scholing enrolled in a beginner-level first aid class several years ago but he did not think that he will use it. Road accident When the incident occurred, it involved a 22-year old […]

Massive stroke

A massive stroke affects a large section of the brain. It is important to note that a stroke occurs if the blood flow to a region of the brain is disrupted. As a result, the brain tissue is deprived of oxygen which leads to serious consequences. What are the indications? The seriousness of the symptoms […]

Broken eye socket

There are different forms of a broken eye socket. It is important to note that the eye socket is the bone-like cup bordering the eye. In some cases, those who ended up with the fracture also have eye injuries that disrupt vision. What are the types? All the orbital bones might be affected by a […]

Medial malleolus fracture

How to deal with a bruised heel

A bruised heel involves bruising of the tissues beneath the heel. The injury typically results to heel pain or discomfort. The treatment mainly includes rest and providing protection to the region with taping or padding. What are the signs? The indications of a bruised heel generally include: Heel pain that is gradual, usually beneath the […]

Severe head injury

A severe head injury necessitates prompt medical care due to the high risk for significant brain damage. What are the indications? The signs of a severe head injury might include the following: Loss of consciousness – the individual has given away and becomes unresponsive for a short span of time Concussion Seizures or fits Loss […]