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Edmonton to make face masks mandatory in city-operated facilities and public transit

Edmonton to make face masks mandatory in city-operated facilities and public transit

Edmonton has moved to make face masks mandatory in all city-owned and operated amenities, services, and attractions including public transit. The recommendation was made by the administration during the city’s emergency advisory committee meeting and the new requirement is set to come into effect on August 1. The decision was not taken lightly, but the […]


Urgent need for AEDs in workplaces

The National Film Board is buying 4 defibrillators for its Montreal headquarters after the death of an employee. The man who worked in film colorization experienced a cardiac episode and collapsed near the coffee machine at work. According to the union, when a colleague called 911, the dispatcher asked if there was a defibrillator nearby. […]

Salons, planes, and grocery stores require face masks

No mandatory face mask or reduced class sizes when school resumes

Saskatchewan will send its K-12 students back to school next month without requiring them or their teachers to wear face masks. There is no plan to lessen the class sizes, although the Ministry of Education stated that it is planning to buy face masks in case the COVID-19 situation worsens. Regina Catholic Schools, Greater Saskatoon […]


Residents quickly deliver CPR to save a man struck by a truck

Abbotsford residents helped save the life of a man with CPR after struck by a truck on Lougheed Highway. The Abbotsford resident, Jeremy Scholing enrolled in a beginner-level first aid class several years ago but he did not think that he will use it. Road accident When the incident occurred, it involved a 22-year old […]

Bronchial spasms

Bronchial spasms

Bronchial spasms occur if the muscles contract and narrow the airway. Generally, during a bronchial spasm, it results to difficulty breathing. In addition, the individual wheezes while catching his/her breath. What are the indications? Bronchial spasms typically manifest quickly. Generally, it can cause a sensation of chest tightness that makes it hard to breathe. Wheezing […]