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Near drowning

Drowning occurs if an individual is underwater and inhales water into the lungs. The airway might spasm and seal shut or water can impair the lungs and prevent them from obtaining oxygen. In whichever case, the lungs could not allocate the required oxygen to the body which can be life-threatening. Once there is lack of […]

Ulnar nerve palsy

Electric shock

An electric shock is caused by contact with a live source of electricity that sends an electrical current throughout the body. Common causes of electric shock Exposed electrical wires Old wiring Water on electrical appliances Faulty appliances Cutting through a live cable In some cases, an electric shock is triggered by lightning. Remember that an […]


How to perform head-to-toe examination during first aid

A complete head-to-toe examination of an injured individual during emergency scenarios will allow the rescuer to assess other possible injuries that are not immediately apparent. You have to perform this examination only after life-threatening injuries have been given appropriate first aid care and treatment. Head You should start with the head of the individual first […]

Cement burns


A blister is basically a small-sized pouch that contains fluid that develops in the exterior skin layer. It typically forms once the outer layer of the skin is damaged. Fluid accumulates beneath the damaged skin, cushioning the tissue beneath. Understandably, this protects the tissue from sustaining further damage and allowing it to heal as well. […]