Basics on managing common cold at home

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Many individuals will not consult a doctor right away for a common cold. Still, knowing what to do in case one occurs at home is not always an easy task. If you want to be prepared to properly manage common cold at home, there are measures that you should be familiar with so that those with the cold can feel better and get well soon in no time.

You never know when a family member might acquire a cold. By being familiar with these simple measures, you can readily provide care so that he/she can feel better.

Adequate rest

Even though it seems unreasonable to get enough sleep due to a common cold, it is vital to rest. While sleeping, the body is able to fight off infections in an effective manner, even minor illnesses such as common cold. The individual can go to bed an hour or two earlier since this can help the body quickly recover.

Increased fluid intake

Even though it seems unreasonable to get enough sleep due to a common cold, it is vital to rest.

It is vital to increase the fluid intake of an individual suffering from cold particularly water and sports drinks. Avoid alcoholic beverages as well as those that contain caffeine such as sodas or coffee.

Remember that water and sports drinks work by rehydrating the body as well as help clear up congestion and allow the body to fight off the infection effectively. Beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine will only cause dehydration and worsen the illness. In addition, alcohol can also interact with some over-the-counter cold medications, thus they should be avoided if the individual is sick.

Over-the-counter medications

Take note that there is no medication that can cure common cold. Even though there are some in the market that make this claim, none have been proven truly effective. There are over-the-counter cold medications that work by relieving the symptoms so that the individual can feel and function better even for a short while. Just remember though that these medications will not eliminate the virus but only to help the individual cope with the symptoms.

Other remedies for symptom relief

The use of humidifiers at home or even the classic chicken soup can go a long way in making an individual with a cold feel better.

You can even encourage the individual to stand in a steamy bathroom to help relieve the congestion and calm a cough. Of course, none of these remedies can actually cure the cold either, but help the individual feel better which is the main objective when one is sick.

When to consult a doctor

In most circumstances, many will not go to a doctor for a common cold. On the other hand, there are cases in which the symptoms persist for a long time or become worse. In such cases, it is best to schedule an appointment with a doctor. There is a possibility that the cold triggered another infection such as pneumonia or it was not common cold in the first place. Knowing when to consult a doctor is vital.

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