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Chance fracture

A Chance fracture is a form of spinal injury. It is also called as seat belt fractures since they are brought about by lap belt-style seat belts during vehicular accidents. With the addition of the shoulder belt, this type of injury is now uncommon. The injury occurs once the spine flexes and extends with excessive […]

Cuboid syndrome

Cuboid syndrome occurs if the ligament and joint near the cuboid bone in the foot is torn or damaged. It is also called as subluxation where the bones in a joint is moved slightly out of position. What are the signs? The main sign of cuboid syndrome is foot pain, usually on the lateral side […]

Tibiofemoral dislocation

Tibiofemoral dislocation is an injury that can damage the structures supporting the knee joint. The condition can result to joint instability which can become a lasting issue. The damaged tibial tendons and nerves inside the knee can also trigger long-term pain. What is the cause? A tibiofemoral dislocation is brought about by a direct impact […]

Bronchial spasms

Bronchial spasms occur if the muscles contract and narrow the airway. During a bronchial spasm, it results to difficulty breathing. The individual wheezes while catching his/her breath. What are the indications? Bronchial spasms typically manifest quickly. It can cause a sensation of chest tightness that makes it hard to breathe. Wheezing is also a usual […]

Medial malleolus fracture

A medial malleolus fracture is often a part of a compound injury affecting one or both ankle parts. It is important to note that the medial malleolus is the biggest of the 3 bone segments forming the ankle. Once the bone cracks, but the parts do not deviate from each other, it is considered as […]

Patellar tendonitis

Patellar tendonitis is a prevalent type of injury or inflammation of the tendon linking the kneecap to the shinbone. The pain it causes can range from mild to severe. Any individual can end up with the condition but likely to affect athletes, especially those who engage in basketball and volleyball. What is the precise cause? […]


Folliculitis is defined as inflammation or infection in one or several hair follicles. It is important to note that the hair follicles are miniature cavities surrounding the roots of the hair. The condition can develop on skin where hair grows, including the scalp. It is likely to develop on the buttocks, thighs, armpits and neck […]


Trichomycosis is a bacterial infection affecting the underarm hair. In rare instances, the infection can also affect the pubic hair. The condition is not dangerous but can trigger discomfort and irritation. What are the indications? Trichomycosis does not generally trigger any symptoms and might be missed. Nevertheless, there are some signs to watch out for: […]


Metatarsalgia or ball of foot pain is defined as pain and inflammation in the padding directly beneath the toes. It is the site where most pressure is placed when moving and standing. The discomfort is typically present in the metatarsal heads. There is also shooting pain, numbness and discomfort when the toes are flexed. The […]

Spinal stroke

A spinal stroke arises if the blood supply to the spinal cord is disrupted. Once this occurs, the spinal cord is not supplied by oxygen and essential nutrients. The tissues of the spinal cord might be damaged and nerve impulses could not be transmitted to the entire body. These nerve impulses are vital in controlling […]