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What is a blood blister?

A blood blister forms if the skin has been crushed or pinched, but can also develop due to repetitive friction. It is important to note that blisters develop if the upper skin layers separate and fluid builds up in the layers that separated, resulting to a bubble. This type of blister contains some blood inside […]

Swollen earlobe

Ear cartilage infection: What are the signs?

An ear cartilage infection is strikingly the same as a skin infection. The outer ear is comprised of cartilage and surrounded by a thin layer of tissue known as the perichondrium. As the ear cartilage infection involves the perichondrium, perichondritis develops after trauma or injury to the cartilage, incorrect ear piercing in the cartilage, boils […]

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Recurring cellulitis: What are the potential causes?

Cellulitis is a prevalent form of bacterial infection affecting the deepest skin layer. It is typically caused by the entry of bacteria if the skin is damaged. Antibiotics are the main course of treatment but in some cases, the infection can rapidly spread throughout the body and can be life-threatening. There are some chronic ailments […]

Amoxicillin rash

Close look on papular eczema

Papular eczema is a variant of atopic dermatitis which is a lingering skin ailment characterized by an itchy rash. This condition unreasonably affects individuals with Asian and African descent and uncommon among Caucasians. The condition does not have a cure and possesses common features with other forms of eczema. What are the signs? The distinct […]

Amoxicillin rash

Skin conditions: What is contact dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is a form of eczema triggered by exposure to an irritating substance. The condition causes the skin to turn dry and irritated. If treated, the symptoms eventually settle. In some cases, the condition clears up entirely. Indications Contact dermatitis causes the skin to turn reddened, blistered, dry and cracked. The reaction generally occurs […]

Amoxicillin rash

What is discoid eczema?

Discoid eczema is a long-standing skin condition that triggers the skin to become reddened, itchy, cracked and swollen in oval or circular patches. If not treated, the condition can last for weeks, months or even years. It might be persistent, usually in the same site that was previously affected. Indications Take note that discoid eczema […]