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Close look on the salmonella bacteria

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The salmonella bacteria is responsible for causing food poisoning. Any individual is at risk for salmonella but young children, elderly and those with weakened immune systems face a higher risk for becoming severely sick.


The usual indications of salmonella include:

  • Abdominal cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
    Generally, it requires 12-72 hours for the symptoms to arise after ingesting an infectious dosage of salmonella.

Generally, it requires 12-72 hours for the symptoms to arise after ingesting an infectious dosage of salmonella.

The symptoms typically last for 4-7 days and most can recover without requiring treatment. In case the individual becomes seriously sick, hospitalization might be required since dehydration caused by the illness can be dangerous.

How do I become infected?

Essentially, one can acquire salmonella by consuming contaminated food. The bacteria thrive in the gut of several farm animals and can infect eggs, meat, milk and poultry. Other foods such as fruit, green vegetables and shellfish can also be contaminated via contact with the manure in the soil or sewage in water.

Contamination is likely to occur if raw and cooked foods are stored together. Most tortoises, terrapins as well as other pet reptiles are also carriers of salmonella. Cats, dogs and even rodents can also become infected.

It is impossible to set apart which food is contaminated by salmonella or not. The food will look, taste and smell normal.

Additionally, the bacteria can spread from one individual to another due to poor hygiene, unable to wash hands properly after using the toilet or after handling contaminated food.

Management of salmonella

It is vital to increase the intake of fluids since vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration and one will lose vital minerals and sugars from the body.

The doctor might suggest a rehydration solution. In severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor. If antibiotics are given, it is vital to finish the complete course.

It is vital to rest at home away from school or work while infectious. Adults and children should stay home for 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped.

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