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Commonly used remedies for summer cold

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Common cold affects millions of individuals all over the globe yearly. Even though this is considered as a winter condition along with flu, cases that occur in the summer season can occur. For those who end up with a cold, there are several measures that can alleviate the symptoms as well as hasten the recovery process.

Increased intake of fluids

Always remember that fluids are vital in managing common cold during the summer season. It is vital to keep the body properly hydrated when suffering from a cold. The heat and dryness can deplete moisture in the body thus it is vital to drink enough water, sports drinks or juices.

Fluids also help thin out the mucus to promote easy drainage. Make sure that the individual will avoid fluids that can worsen the dehydration such as coffee, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Using a humidifier

Summer cold
For those who end up with a cold, there are several measures that can alleviate the symptoms as well as hasten the recovery process.

For those who reside in areas that have dry climate, the dryness of the air along with the summer cold can leave the throat sore and feeling raw. It is recommended to place a humidifier in the bedroom during night to moisturize the air to allow the individual to sleep comfortably.

A cool-mist humidifier is also useful in keeping the room cool. Do not forget to ensure that the humidifier is cleaned regularly. All you have to do is use vinegar and water after every use to sanitize any germs that might have lingered and possibly re-infect the individual.

Saline irrigation

For those who live in areas with humid climate throughout the summer season, it is vital to utilize a humidifier in the room, but one can greatly benefit from saline irrigation on the sinuses to promote drainage to allow the individual to sleep comfortably at night.

A neti pot or nasal irrigation is done by administering warm salted water into one nostril and then flushed it out the other. The abrasive nature of salt and warm water helps loosen the mucus so that it can be flushed away for fast relief from the cold symptoms.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been used as a natural remedy for the symptoms of common cold and believed to shorten the duration of the condition. During the summer season, one can easily acquire vitamin C from various vegetables and fruits that are in season.

The individual can add fresh oranges, fresh berries, grapefruit juice, apples or raw broccoli with dip. Just remember though that even though vitamin C will not cure common cold, it can shorten its duration. This is vital during the summer season so that one will not end up incapacitated.

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