Dangerous household chemicals

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There are various household chemicals that are poisonous to humans. It is vital to be careful when using any of these items. Remember that some chemicals become toxic if mixed together while others are poisonous even when used as directed.

What are the common dangerous household chemicals?

Bleach and ammonia

It is not advisable to combine ammonia and bleach. The gas that is generated after these 2 chemicals are mixed is considered as a potent poison that was utilized in the past as a chemical warfare agent.

Remember that all of these are potentially dangerous but this can cause an instant effect. It is vital to pay close attention to the products being used to clean the house.

Household chemicals
It is vital to be concerned if more than one individual in the house experiences a headache and feels nauseated.


The organophosphates are some of the deadly poisons. It is important to note that most pesticides including lice shampoos either contain organophosphates or have similar characteristics.

When it comes to pesticide poisoning, it triggers a reaction that rapidly leads to death if not treated. The organophosphates are presently used as nerve gas in some military.

Using these chemicals with great care and carefully follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer. Do not stores pesticides in a container without any labelling and do not place into a contain that has already another label on it. Always pay close attention to the labels on the containers. There are circumstances in which an individual mistakes lice shampoo as cough syrup since the prescription bottles are the same.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that displaces oxygen in the bloodstream. The gas can leak from cars, gas mower, lawn mowers and boats. It is also produced from gas burning appliances that are not properly calibrated.

Extensive leaks can rapidly kill but usually there is a warning. It is vital to be concerned if more than one individual in the house experiences a headache and feels nauseated. These are earliest and common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Preventive measures

When it comes to household chemicals, it is vital that they are properly stored. They should be kept in the same container and avoid storing in containers that are not labelled. The area where the chemicals are stored should be out of reach of children.

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