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Healing time for common sports injuries

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The healing time for various sports injuries usually takes time. The ideal way to minimize time spent on the sidelines is to seek immediate first aid treatment for any form of injury. Understandably, this will reduce the healing time and improve the overall recovery of the individual. After the initial inflammation and swelling is under control, the healing starts.

Even though the healing tends to vary from one individual to another, athletes tend to have a better blood supply and heal relatively faster than those who have chronic health conditions, those who smoke and those who have sedentary lifestyles. A good supply of blood helps hasten the healing by moving oxygen, nutrients and infection-fighting cells to the injured area. Remember that one cannot force the healing process, but simply allow the body to heal at its own rate.

Average healing time of injuries

For those who are in good shape without any chronic conditions, there is an estimated average range of the time it takes to recover from some common sports injuries.

Sports injuries
A sprained ankle can heal within 5 days while severe cases can take 3-6 weeks to fully heal.


Simple fractures generally takes up to 6 weeks to fully heal. The time frame any fracture takes to heal depends on the type and its location. Fractures on the toes or fingers usually heal within 3-5 weeks while a fractured clavicle can take 5-10 weeks to heal.

Strains and sprains

A sprained ankle can heal within 5 days while severe cases can take 3-6 weeks to fully heal. A calf pull, strain or tear with grade 1 can fully heal in 2 weeks while severe cases (grade 3) might take up to 3 months or longer to heal.

Wounds (abrasions, cuts and lacerations)

Lacerations and cuts usually take a week up to a month to fully heal depending on the location and depth and how it is managed.

Shoulder separation

A mild case of shoulder separation can take up to 2 weeks for the individual to resume activity after sustaining this injury. This is also one of the sports injuries that can occur in various sports.

Contusion or bruise

Bruising or contusion often develops after sustaining a hard blow to even a mild bump to the skin in which the blood vessels are injured. The black, purple or bluish patch often manifests on the skin once blood leaks into the upper skin layer. In most cases, this injury heals within 5 days.

ACL repair

If an individual had complete ACL repair, it usually takes 5 months to fully heal.

Achilles tendon rupture

When an individual sustained this injury, it can take 4-6 months to completely heal.

Always remember that the length of time required to achieve full recovery after an injury usually depends on various factors. It is best to be patient and learn to cope with the injury while allowing the body to heal.

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