How to care for a burned tongue

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A minor case of a burned tongue is relatively common which is why it is vital to be familiar on how to provide basic first aid. There are 2 forms of burns which can damage the tongue – chemical burns and heat burns. The heat burns are likely to occur than those caused by chemicals which are caused by caustic and dangerous chemicals that comes in contact with the tissue.

Burned tongue from heat burns

When eating something hot, it only takes a second to end up with a burned tongue. The initial instinct is to gulp down something cold which is the right move. It is vital to cool down the burned tongue longer. Remember that the heat can continue to scorch the skin and underlying tissue even after there is no exposure to the source.

If the tongue is not cooled down adequately, the damage continues. Sipping on ice water is the ideal way to cool down the burned tongue due to a thermal burn. The individual should hold the ice water in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. It is recommended to stick with 30 minutes or periodic sipping on ice water to cool down the burn.

Chemical burns

Even though uncommon, this injury can be dangerous. If an individual sustained a burned tongue due to a chemical burn, call poison control or an ambulance right away. You have to determine if the chemical has touched other parts of the body. If you can bring the container of the chemical responsible, it is also helpful.

If an individual ends up with a burned tongue with chemical and has not swallowed them, you have to rinse first with water. The chemicals will continue to burn the interior of the mouth and tongue until fully rinsed away. This might take an hour or more of flushing and do not swallow.

Burning mouth syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome is an injury in which the tongue is charred where it seems as if it has been seared. The burning sensation may not be limited to the tongue, but the entire mouth.

Some of the treatments that the doctor will try include medications such as benzodiazepines, antidepressants and anticonvulsants. Thoroughly rinsing the mouth with capsaicin and water solutions seems to help.

A minor burned tongue typically subsides within a few days. In case the tongue feels scorched or if the individual is not sure how or when it was burned, a doctor should be consulted about the likelihood of burning mouth syndrome.

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