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How to provide relief to wisdom tooth pain

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Wisdom tooth pain can cause discomfort, disrupt normal sleeping and concentration while performing daily undertakings. The wisdom teeth are molars that erupt at the rear part of the mouth usually in the late teenage years up to adulthood.

The wisdom tooth pain can be described as an aching soreness once the tooth rubs on the adjacent structures or tenderness once the tooth erupts in the gum line. Depending on the positioning of the tooth, a dentist should be consulted for proper treatment.

Risk for infection

In some circumstances, during the eruption of a wisdom tooth, a flap of skin might remain partially that covers the tooth. When food particles are trapped, it can lead to an infection. The wisdom tooth pain in such cases can be relieved by managing the infection. The dentist might prescribe antibiotics and even clean the area to eliminate any food and bacteria under the skin.

Medications for wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom tooth pain
Pain medications can be given to provide relief to the wisdom tooth pain.

Pain medications can be given to provide relief to the wisdom tooth pain. These medications are available over-the-counter or prescribed by a dentist. The over-the-counter variants such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen work in managing minor pain.

In some cases, the dentist might prescribe narcotics for intense pain or after wisdom tooth extraction. Take note that certain forms of narcotics usually recommended for wisdom tooth pain often include acetaminophen with hydrocodone, codeine or oxycodone.

When is wisdom tooth extraction needed?

The dentist might be required to perform wisdom tooth extraction if one is triggering pain. After the area numb after the administration of a local anesthetic, the wisdom tooth is taken out. In case the tooth is blocked by bone, a part of the bone that obstructs the tooth might be removed. The dentist utilizes stitches to close the opening.

Always bear in mind that wisdom tooth extraction might continue to cause pain after, but this should later on resolve if there are no issues and the area has fully healed.

Home remedies for wisdom tooth pain

There are several home remedies that can be done at home while waiting for an appointment with the dentist.

  • Prepare small slices of cold potato or cucumber and place next to the affected tooth to provide a soothing effect.
  • Pour vanilla extract onto a cotton ball and place onto the affected teeth to numb the area.
  • Gargle using a mixture or warm water and salt
  • Applying an ice pack on the exterior of the cheek for relief from wisdom tooth pain

These home remedies can only provide momentary relief and always follow-up with an appointment with a dentist.

Considerations to bear in mind

Take note that delaying a consultation with a dentist in hopes that the wisdom tooth pain can resolve will only lead to further issues. A dentist should be consulted as soon as possible. If left untreated, the wisdom tooth might not be able to grow properly due to the closeness of the jaw bone or adjacent teeth which is a condition called as impaction. In some cases, the affected tooth might develop fluid-filled cysts in the neighboring gums that can make the extraction difficult.

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