Mosquito bites

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Mosquito bites are prevalent in various countries all over the globe. When a mosquito bites, blood is drawn out while injecting some saliva which contains proteins and anticoagulants.

This might trigger the immune response of the body including the release of histamine. This chemical is responsible for causing inflammation, itchiness and swelling.

Oftentimes, an individual who was bit for the first time will not have any reaction. The reason for this is that the body has not established a response. Some might build up tolerance after some time. Once an irritating bite occurs, there are several remedies that can lessen the itchiness.

Mosquito bites
Depending on the method used, finding the right one for relief to mosquito bites might involve some experimentation.

Management of mosquito bites

Depending on the method used, finding the right one for relief to mosquito bites might involve some experimentation. Most of these remedies can be utilized several times as needed to soothe the affected area.

  • Cleansing with rubbing alcohol – once mosquito bites are detected, quickly wipe the site with rubbing alcohol. It provides a cooling effect once it dries and can lessen the itchiness.
  • Application of honey on the bite site – honey possesses antibacterial and antiseptic that can promote wound healing. It can also lessen inflammation and lower the risk for infection.
  • Oatmeal bath – oatmeal has properties that can soothe mosquito bites. It can be added to the bath water or applied as a mask on the site of the bite.
  • Cold tea bag – black and green tea has properties that can ease the swelling of mosquito bites. Simply soak a bag of black or green tea and store in the refrigerator. Once cold, place it over the bite site to lessen the itchiness.
  • Over-the-counter antihistamines – these drugs reduce the amount of histamine in the body and lessen the inflammation. If taken, it can help reduce the itchiness and swelling of mosquito bites. The medication can be taken orally or topically.
  • Aloe vera – this is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The cooling effect of aloe vera gel can help ease the itchiness. If a plant is available, slice a leaf and apply the gel directly on the bite site.

What is the outcome?

Mosquito bites can last for hours up to a few days. The length of the bite and its accompanying symptoms vary depending on the size of the bite and immune response of the individual. If the site is scratched, it prolongs the time the bite lasts.

Oftentimes, mosquito bites leave behind small, darkened spots after the itchiness has settled.

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