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In most cases of ear pain, they are caused by buildup of fluid in the ear as well as linked with ear pressure or infection. Once the Eustachian tubes are clogged, it will lead to an increase in the ear pressure, thus resulting to ear pain. The Eustachian tubes are small tubes that connect the ear to the nose. Even though ear pain is often due to a serious medical condition, they should be properly assessed and treated in order to minimize the risk for hearing loss or severe infection.

Warm compress

You can apply a warm compress over the affected ear. Always remember a warm compress provides a soothing effect to ear pain and highly effective. All you have to do is to apply a clean towel or cloth firmly against the affected area as needed throughout the day. Once the compress becomes soiled due to ear drainage, you have to replace it with a new one. You can learn more about the effectiveness of warm compresses by enrolling in a first aid class today.

Chewing gum

Ear pain
Even though ear pain is often due to a serious medical condition, they should be properly assessed and treated in order to minimize the risk for hearing loss or severe infection.

You can instruct the individual to chew gum. Ear pain typically occurs once there are changes in the ear pressure particularly when an airplane is descending and landing. By chewing gum, it activates the muscles that send air to the ears, thus helping unblock the ears. The individual knows once this happens since there is a popping in the ears and the pain is relieved.

Sleeping in an upright position

The individual should sleep in an upright position. Avoid lying down since this will increase the ear pressure. By resting or sleeping in an upright position, the pressure in the middle ear is reduced, thus minimizing the ear pain.

Hydrogen peroxide

You can combine 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% rubbing alcohol in a small-sized cup. Instruct the individual to tilt his/her head to the side and drop the mixture on the affected ear until he/she feels bubbling.

Once the bubbling stops, you should tilt the head to allow the mixture to drain. This can be repeated as often as needed. Take note that the mixture will eliminate bacteria and provides warmth to the ear, thus reducing pain. If this remedy is used, make sure that you will consult a doctor first to ensure that it is appropriate for the individual.

Valsalva’s maneuver

Instruct the individual to perform Valsalva’s maneuver. This technique will open up the Eustachian tubes and provides relief from the ear pain and stuffiness. When performing this maneuver, the individual should take a deep breath and then close the mouth.

He/she should blow the nose gently and at the same time, firmly pinch it close. Avoid blowing the nose too hard since it can harm the eardrum. If an ear infection is suspected, this procedure should not be attempted. A doctor should be consulted when performing this technique to determine if it is safe.

If the ear pain is accompanied by pus-like drainage, fever or bleeding, a doctor should be consulted. If a serious ear infection is suspected, antibiotic treatment should be started.

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