Remedies for high fever in teenagers

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An adolescent with high fever is a cause for concern for many parents. In most cases, a high fever can indicate that the body is currently fighting a viral or bacterial infection. There are remedies that can help an adolescent feel comfortable as well as help in reducing fever and keeping the body cool. On the other hand, it is vital to know when it is time to seek medical care for a high fever among teenagers.

Sponge bath

You can instruct the teenager to take a lukewarm sponge bath. It is best to instruct the teenager to sponge water over the legs, arms and torso to cool the body and continue to do this until the high fever subsides. In case the teenager starts to shiver, it is best to end the bath. Remember that shivering can cause the muscles of the teenager to shake. When the muscles start to shake, it generates heat that results to an even higher fever.

Intake of fluids

Getting enough rest is vital in lowering down the high fever.

Encourage the teenager to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Juice, broth, water or an electrolyte replacement beverage are suitable options to provide to the teenager. The electrolyte replacement beverages are readily available in most pharmacies. In case the teenager refuses to drink or eat, a doctor should be consulted. Always watch out for indications of dehydration such as dry and sticky mouth, dizziness, dry skin and diminished urination.

Cool clothing

It is vital to encourage the teen to dress in cool clothing. This will allow the heat to escape from the body and helps in minimizing the fever. Make sure that you will also remove any electric blanket or warm comforter from the bed. You can replace them with a light breathable blanket. Always keep the temperature in the house comfortable but not too cool. Remember that if the teenager starts to shiver, it can lead to an increase in the temperature.

Adequate rest

Getting enough rest is vital in lowering down the high fever. If the teenager is active, the body generates heat which makes it difficult to reduce the fever. In addition, the body requires enough rest to fight off the infection. The teenager should be encouraged to play quiet video games or read books or any activity that does not need exertion. Any physical activity should be avoided as much as possible.

When to seek medical care

There are times when the high fever requires medical attention. In case the teenager vomits recurrently or has severe abdominal pain or even a headache that causes discomfort, it is best to schedule an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible. In addition, if the teenager has high fever that persists longer than 3 days or reaches up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, a doctor should be consulted.

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