Treatment for an allergic skin burn

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An allergic skin burn can occur to anyone. Oftentimes, people usually utilize a new product without even realizing that they are going to suffer from an allergic reaction. In some cases, an individual can use a particular product that has been used before, but can use a wrong kind of brush or scrub towel since this can cause a bad reaction on the skin.

There are treatment options that you can use for an allergic skin burn and these remedies are usually found at home.

Minimize the swelling

Swelling is usually present during an allergic skin burn. Take note that this swelling typically causes a certain degree of redness that can be unsightly for some especially on the face or parts of the body that is readily seen. As a first aid measure, you can apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to help minimize the redness and swelling. If a hydrocortisone cream is used, you have to look for one that has 1 percent hydrocortisone cream and apply two times a day for 5 days. You can even use a moisturizing cream along with hydrocortisone cream to help reduce the symptoms.

As natural remedy that you can use is jojoba oil since it can help minimize the symptoms. You can apply this several times in a day to fight off the symptoms. A single reaction will not likely cause permanent damage to the skin.

Reduce the itchiness

allergic skin burn
An allergic skin reaction can also lead to itchy skin that can be uncomfortable and bothersome.

An allergic skin reaction can also lead to itchy skin that can be uncomfortable and bothersome. application of hydrocortisone cream can help minimize the itchiness but there are other measures that you can do. Oral antihistamines that are normally used for allergies can be used to treat the itchiness. The wet dressings can also be used with medicated cream. The moisture in the wet bandages will help the skin absorb the medicated cream effectively.

The individual must be instructed not to scratch the skin if possible. Long nails must be trimmed or provide gloves that the individual can wear at night to reduce night time itchiness and scratching. You can also apply a cool wet compress to the affected area to prevent itchiness. Additionally, you can also encourage the individual to take a bath using cool water with baking soda to draw out the itchiness.

Stinging nettle

It is a known fact that stinging nettle can cause a lot of pain once it touches the skin. On the other hand, if it is used as a tea or capsule or supplement form, it is very beneficial in minimizing the allergic skin reactions. The dried herb is available at health food stores and can be prepared as a tea that the individual can drink several times in a day.

By using these treatment options, it can help relieve the inflammation and redness caused by an allergic skin burn.

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