Treatment options for a bone bruise in the ankle

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A bone bruise develops from compressive and intensive forces sustained on the bone during an injury. Any damage on the bone occurs on the insider or medullary part and often accompanied by swelling and edema. Other injuries that can cause a bone bruise include vehicular accidents, falls, sports injuries or a direct blow by objects.

A bone bruise can take up to 12 months to fully heal. Since bone bruises are often linked with tendon or ligament injury, thus it can be difficult to determine the severity of the bone bruise injury on the ankle without an MRI.

Range of motion

Bone bruises are often linked with tendon or ligament damage. Restoring full range of motion in the joints can help individuals return to their original state of health as quickly as possible. Range of motion exercises can keep the joints in full motion as well as reduce the risk for scar tissue development. Once a doctor is consulted, many individuals were able to achieve full range of motion along with the application of ice and rest. Early delivery of treatment can promote faster recovery of the individual.

Bone bruise
Bone bruises are considered as an irritating injury unless properly treated. The initial approach is the application of ice massage.

Ice massage

Bone bruises are considered as an irritating injury unless properly treated. The initial approach is the application of ice massage. If you will enroll in a first aid class, you can learn how to use this treatment option for an ankle bone bruise. The affected area must be massaged not more than five minutes at several times in a day. The objective of this treatment option is to reduce the swelling and pain as well as start the healing process.

You can easily create an ice cup using a cup made out of Styrofoam. All you have to do is to fill it with water and allow it to freeze. The Styrofoam can be peeled away from the ice in order to expose half-inch of the ice at the top. You have to hold the Styrofoam cup and protect the hands of the individual from the ice while rubbing the exposed ice on the injured area.


The individual should also start with supplementation in order to help with the healing process. In most cases, vitamin C, K and bromelain are used in fighting off infection, support the immune system, promote bone growth and hasten the recovery process.

Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy is used on the affected area in order to help manage the pain, break up the scar tissue and stimulate the healing process. Take note that microcurrent therapy involves small pulsating current of electricity that is delivered to the body. This will increase the ATP production, absorption of nutrients, exchange of ions, protein synthesis, elimination of waste products and oxygenation. These processes work in order to reduce the length of time required for healing.


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