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Broken blood vessels are considered more of an aesthetic problem than a medical issue that requires attention. Bumps and falls can lead to the rupture of blood vessels that will leave behind an unattractive bruise to the skin. It is important to note that there are always blood vessels that break due to the aging of the skin particularly in the facial area but there are also those that occur deep within the body.

Identifying broken blood vessels

Broken blood vessels typically occur directly under the exterior layer of the skin. The small-sized blood vessels can break due to injury or trauma and can appear dark or bright red as well as noticeably under the skin upon inspection. In most cases, the broken blood vessels can cause pain upon contact and could also go undetected if they are not visually obvious. Take note that these minor skin trauma can occur on any part of the body including the face and on the sclera of the eyes. As part of the first aid assessment, you can enrollin a first aid course in order to carry out assessments efficiently.

What are the types?

Broken blood vessels
Always bear in mind that broken blood vessels can develop even if the individual could not recall a trauma that resulted to the bruising.

It is important to note that there are two types of broken blood vessels that can occur under the skin. The first type is the common bruising that appears as a purple-like welt and the other type is a blood spot that appears as bright red in color under the skin. Each can occur due to trauma while blood spots have various causes such as malnutrition, medications and certain diseases.

Time frame

The length of time for the affected area to heal depends on the location of the bruising. In most cases, the injuries to the skin can repair on their own within 2-3 weeks after the trauma was sustained.

There are some home remedies that can help speed up the recovery process. The application of pressure to the affected area can help prevent further damage in the area. Take note that broken blood vessels are capable of healing without requiring any medical care. In cases of blood spots, the healing process will take longer.

Important considerations to bear in mind

Always bear in mind that broken blood vessels can develop even if the individual could not recall a trauma that resulted to the bruising. This is typically the case for individuals who easily bruise and among the elderly. Men are less likely to suffer from broken blood vessels. The blood spots can occur at any age and can be difficult to determine the exact cause.

Preventive measures

Individuals that have permanent types of broken blood vessels can undergo sclerotherapy. This involves the injection of medications that promote the shrinking of the blood vessels, thus restoring the normal appearance of the skin. Additionally, laser treatment can also provide the same result without causing any pain.

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