Wound care: Various management measures

There are some types of wounds that require stitches. The bleeding from small-sized cuts and grazes can be managed by the application of pressure with a clean pad or sterile dressing and elevating the damaged part above the level of the heart. If the wound is on the arm or hand, elevate it above the level of the heart. As for wounds in the lower limb, the individual should lie down and prop it on pillows or cushions.

If a sterile dressing is not available, utilize your hand or any clothing to reduce the bleeding. Once the wound is cleansed and the flow of blood has stopped, place an adhesive dressing. The cut is expected to heal in just a few days.

When to seek medical care

  • Bleeding does not stop after 10 minutes of applying pressure
  • Wound is deep or long
    Wound care

    If a sterile dressing is not available, utilize your hand or any clothing to reduce the bleeding.

  • Foreign objects such as dirt or debris are embedded within the wound
  • Cut is on the face, mouth, hand or genitals
  • Cut was caused by an animal or human bite or punctured by an object that can trigger infection

Medical care for a wound

It is vital to seek medical care if you believe that a cut is not properly healing or has signs of infection such as redness, swelling, pain and drainage of pus. The cut might require cleaning and stitches or even antibiotics. There are various ways in which a wound is closed such as the following:

  • Traditional stitching (suturing) – depending on the site of the wound, absorbable stitches can be used.
  • Staples are often used on the scalp
  • Closure tapes or butterfly strips work by holding the perimeters of the skin together
  • A skin adhesive is used for small-sized surface wounds

More Information / Disclaimer

The information posted on this page on different wound care measures is for learning purposes only. Learn to properly perform wound care by taking a standard first aid course with Red Deer First Aid.


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