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Goodpasture syndrome

What is caffeine overdose?

Caffeine overdose can occur if ingesting more than the recommended amount of 400 mg daily for adults. Caffeine is a stimulant present in various beverages, foods and other products. Coffee, soda and tea contain large amounts of caffeine which are popular beverages all over the world. Overdose can be dangerous in severe cases but many […]

What are the indications of caffeine addiction?

Whether or not an individual becomes addicted to caffeine has been an issue in the medical field with some disputes focusing on how addiction is actually defined. Nevertheless, many health professionals have agreed that caffeine withdrawal can trigger the manifestation of symptoms that can range from mild to severe but tend to vary from one […]

Alcohol Poisoni

Alcoholism: Signs, Symptoms and When to Seek Help

Alcoholic is a chronic progressive condition that involves a person uncontrollably drinking too much alcohol, drinking more alcohol in order to obtain the same effect each time or physical dependence of alcohol, continuing the consumption of alcohol despite the problems it is causing or experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop or reduce drinking. A […]