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Shoulder subluxation: What are the signs?

Shoulder subluxation occurs if the humerus is driven partly out of the shoulder socket. As a ball and socket joint, the shoulder is considered highly mobile. On the other hand, its mobility makes it unstable as well. Common signs of shoulder subluxation Slackness and popping sensation If an individual ends up with shoulder subluxation, there […]

Overview on blood poisoning

Blood poisoning or sepsis is a serious form of infection that occurs if bacteria are present in the bloodstream. Immediate diagnosis and treatment are vital in the management of blood poisoning. Understanding the potential risk factors is the initial step in preventing the condition. What are the causes? It is important to note that blood […]

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Cinnamon allergy: Is my infant allergic?

Cinnamon allergy usually triggers contact dermatitis if a child is highly sensitive. This form of allergic reaction forms on the skin right after direct contact. Babies do not normally ingest excessive amounts of cinnamon which makes it an unlikely food allergy. In case the child is given a food product that includes cinnamon that triggers […]