Allergies during pregnancy

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It is important to note that being pregnant does not only mean taking care of the baby, it is also a phase that involves proper care of yourself. Remember that taking care of your health is vital and if the woman has allergy/allergies, proper management should continue during pregnancy.

The allergic symptoms and reactions has the tendency to change during pregnancy in which some women find that being pregnant reduces the symptoms while in others, it increases. This is believed to be caused by the changing levels of hormones in the body. It is vital to inform the doctor about any allergies. If there is an increase in the symptoms, a doctor should be consulted.

Medications and treatments

It is vital not to stop taking any prescribed medications or treatments abruptly once pregnant. There are some allergy treatments that will keep the allergy at bay through regular use such as the use of an inhaler for asthma. If the woman abruptly stops using the medications, the symptoms can increase dangerously.

Allergies during pregnancy
There are some allergy treatments that will keep the allergy at bay through regular use such as the use of an inhaler for asthma.

Even though it is advisable to continue with the current prescription medications, it is best to consult a doctor as soon as pregnancy is suspected. The doctor will review the medications and discuss suitable treatment options for the allergy. The doctor will decide which medications to be continued and those that should be changed during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Food hypersensitivity

Food hypersensitivity is a term used when an individual experiences a reaction to a particular food which might be food allergy or food intolerance. If an individual is diagnosed with food allergy or excluding foods due to food intolerance, it is vital to ensure that the woman still acquires the vital nutrients while she is pregnant by consulting a doctor.

If an individual is at risk for serious symptoms linked to food allergy, an adrenaline device or auto-injectable epinephrine is prescribed for emergency situations. It is vital to consult a doctor regarding the use of this device during pregnancy.

Regular check-up while pregnant

Remember that being pregnant is a major event in terms of health. This period would require regular check-ups with a doctor including blood tests.

If a woman have any severe allergy, it is vital to inform the doctor. Reactions to latex are usually avoidable, but in the medical setting, latex is present in gloves and medical equipment. Due to this, a reaction can be easily triggered.

Some women wear a medical alert jewelry if at risk for experiencing a severe allergic reaction. If a woman is at risk for this, it is best to invest on this while pregnant or planning a pregnancy. In case emergency medical attention during pregnancy is required and the woman is unable to inform someone, the hospital staff can take into consideration the allergy when planning the care and any complications with the allergy can be reduced.

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