Am I allergic to cocoa butter lotions?

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An allergy to cocoa butter is considered as allergic contact dermatitis that develops as a reaction after being exposed to a particular substance. Take note that this skin condition is usually the result of an allergy to substances such as poison ivy, nickel and even fragrances.

What are the possible effects?

Once cocoa butter lotion is dabbed on the skin, the immune system responds and generates a torrent of inflammatory chemicals which triggers a skin reaction 48-72 hours after the cocoa butter is applied.

The next time the cocoa butter lotion is used, the immune system reacts rapidly and a reaction manifests in less time. The symptoms might not manifest during the initial application and in some cases, a product can be used for years before the individual develops an allergy. Once an allergic reaction develops, the symptoms can manifest every time the lotion is applied.

What are the signs and symptoms?

The indications of an allergic reaction to cocoa butter lotion involve the manifestation of rashes on the area in which the lotion was applied. The rash can appear as reddened skin with small-sized bumps that are intensely itchy.

The indications of an allergic reaction to cocoa butter lotion involve the manifestation of rashes on the area in which the lotion was applied.

The reddened, dry patches can be present and blistering can also occur. Take note that the rash is often sore and feels similar to a burn in severe cases. If an area has more contact to the lotion, the more likely for the area to become severely affected.


An allergist or dermatologist can diagnose an allergy to cocoa butter lotion by a thorough health history. A patch test can be used to help come up with a diagnosis. During this procedure, a small quantity of the potential allergen is placed on the skin and left in place for the next 2 days. The doctor will assess the skin for a reaction after a 48-hour period.


The main treatment for an allergy to cocoa butter lotion includes avoiding cocoa butter lotion. For relief from the symptoms, topical steroids can minimize the inflammation.

Antihistamines can also relieve the intense itchiness. In severe cases, oral corticosteroids can be given to reduce the inflammation. Lastly, an antibiotic cream or oral antibiotics can be utilized in case a possible infection is evident.

When an allergy to cocoa butter lotion is identified, it is vital for the individual to carefully assess the tags of any other lotions or fragrances. Remember that there might be fragrances or additives aside from cocoa butter and these might be present in other products and must be avoided as well.

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