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Broken pelvis: Management of pain

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An individual with a broken pelvis requires measures to alleviate the pain. The pelvic bones are responsible for providing support to the internal organs as well as serving as a durable base for the legs. Damage to any region of the pelvis requires immediate medical care.


Due to the site of the pelvic bones, they could not be given support by a cast. Surgery that involves reassembling of the pelvis ensures internal support with the help of screws and plates.

The doctor will require bed rest for small-sized fractures and those that do not affect the stability of the pelvic ring. After surgery, the doctor might recommend bed rest for several weeks or even months based on the severity and site of the fracture. The pain might manifest not only from the break, but also from the treatment. The muscle stiffness and pain from extended period of misuse can result to additional pain.

Medications for pain control from a broken pelvis

The swelling close to the site of the damage places pressure on the nerves, thus worsening the pain from a broken pelvis.

Broken pelvis
The doctor will require bed rest for small-sized fractures and those that do not affect the stability of the pelvic ring.

Anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed to minimize the swelling and pain. Remember that as the bones heal, they ache as they rebuild themselves, thus it is expected for a broken pelvis to trigger pain during the healing process.

Relief from pain can be provided by narcotic medications and muscle relaxants for indirect pain relief as the tight muscles loosen up. The individual should report to the doctor his/her level of pain to ensure that the dosage is enough to control the pain without causing other alterations.

Alternative pain control measures

Since pain affects the state of mind as well as the body, it can potentially result to anxiety and depression. The alternative measures to manage pain not only focuses on the discomfort of a broken pelvis, but also the effects of pain on overall mental well-being.

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