Ambu bag: How does it work?

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In medical emergencies, healthcare professionals utilize an Ambu bag to assist an individual with his/her breathing. If you are wondering what it is, am Ambu bag is simply a squeezable bag built with a face mask.

Prior of the invention of the Ambu bag, attempts on rescue breathing was often useless. These efforts including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation resulted to more issues such as vomiting, abdominal distention, aspiration and poor ventilation. The effectiveness of the Ambu bag in rescue breathing drastically improved emergency care.

Ambu bag
The ability to supply large amount of oxygen via tubing and an oxygen tank improve the versatile nature of Ambu bags.

Close look on the Ambu bag

The Ambu bag is a squeezable sac with a one-way valve and face mask. If the bag is compressed, the valve is opened which forces air through the mask or artificial airway leading to the lungs.

When the bag is released, it shuts the valve and exhalation takes place in a passive manner via the exhalation dock. While exhaling, the bag is automatically refilled with oxygen or room air. This cycle remains until instinctive breathing takes place or breathing is reinforced mechanically by a breathing device.

What are the other benefits?

The ability to supply large amount of oxygen via tubing and an oxygen tank improve the versatile nature of Ambu bags. Due to its role in oxygen delivery it is used in intensive care units, general care units and emergency rooms. In addition, it is also vital in the home care of individuals who are dependent on breathing devices.

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