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What are the symptoms of heart infections?

It is a known fact that heart infections can be caused by several factors including bacteria, post-surgical infection, and gum disease or due to dental or respiratory procedures. Take note that even damaged heart valves and congenital heart defects can contribute to the development of these infections. It is important to learn about the various […]

Splenda allergy

Splenda is a best described as a non-caloric artificial sweetener that is quite popular in the market right now. This is used in various products such as diet soda. Take note that this artificial sweetener is sweeter than table sugar. It is important to learn more about Splenda in order to avoid any unwanted bodily […]


Tension headache

A tension headache is considered the most common type of headache. Take note that this type of headache can lead to mild or moderate pain in the neck, head and behind the eyes. In most cases, the individual feels a tight band around the forehead. Individuals who suffer from this type of headache have episodic […]

Chest Pain Caused by Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Red Deer First Aid: Minimize Common Emergency Department Visits

One of the advantages of taking Red Deer first aid classes is that it can help minimize the number of people who come to emergency departments in order to get immediate treatment. This is because these classes can teach students how to handle medical conditions which are responsible for sending thousands of Red Deer residents […]

Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye

Lazy eye is a childhood condition wherein there is a loss of ability to see details in one eye.This condition typically affects only one eye but may also affect both eyes in relatively rare cases. It is one of the leading causes of partial or total blindness in one eye in infants and children. If […]

CPR Courses

Save Your Loved Ones through CPR Courses

Can you bear to see your loved family member falling down with a sudden cardiac arrest or suffering breathlessness due to some trauma? Be sensitized and act immediately. Use your practical skills acquired through CPR Courses to rescue your loved one from death. Concept and Need for CPR Course Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is shortly referred to as CPR. It is […]