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Cinnamon allergy: Is my infant allergic?

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Cinnamon allergy usually triggers contact dermatitis if a child is highly sensitive. This form of allergic reaction forms on the skin right after direct contact. Babies do not normally ingest excessive amounts of cinnamon which makes it an unlikely food allergy.

In case the child is given a food product that includes cinnamon that triggers the usual food allergy signs, a doctor must be seen right away for assessment. Remember that heavy contact can instigate irritation of the skin or an allergic reaction.

Food allergies in children

Once the skin of the infant is in directly exposed to cinnamon, he/she might experience swelling, irritation and redness.

Food allergies are likely to occur among infants and young children. Most can outgrow the food allergy after reaching 3 years old.

Cinnamon is not regarded as a common form of food allergy but might be able to trigger an allergic response in the body. In case the child is allergic to cinnamon, the body’s immune system does not perceive the substance as harmless and initiates an attack.

The immune system produces antibodies that leads to the release of chemicals including histamine which triggers inflammation and irritation all over the body.

Risk for contact allergic dermatitis

Once the skin of the infant is in directly exposed to cinnamon, he/she might experience swelling, irritation and redness. Contact allergic dermatitis generally forms in just minutes of exposure of the skin to the allergen.

This allergic skin reaction is not detrimental and can be managed by washing the skin using water and soap. In case the rash becomes bothersome, dab a small amount of hydrocortisone to lessen the itchiness and swelling.


If the doctor assumes that the child is highly sensitive, a skin test is usually carried out. During testing, the doctor places a small patch containing cinnamon on one site in the body for 20-30 minutes.

When the patch is taken off, and the skin is normal, the infant is not allergic to the substances. If the child is allergic, the doctor will recommend avoidance and eliminating cinnamon from the diet.

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