How to deal with an internal mouth burn

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An internal mouth burn can cause pain for days or even weeks. Underestimating the temperature of hot coffee or soup might result to a burn inside the mouth. For a mild case of internal mouth burn, simple steps can be done to soothe the discomfort until the tissues heals. Nevertheless, a severe case might require medical care.

Soothing the mouth

Some of the indications of a first-degree internal mouth burn include redness, pain, swelling and dryness. In such cases, the uppermost layer of the tissue in the mouth is affected and usually heals on its own within 3-6 days.

Some of the indications of a first-degree internal mouth burn include redness, pain, swelling and dryness.

In the meantime, you can use an anesthetic mouthwash or cold-sore medication to numb the mouth and lessen the risk for infection. Provide the individual with ice or popsicles to suck on, gargle using cool water and taking a pain medication to lessen the discomfort.

Avoidance of irritants

The mouth is highly sensitive as it is healing. It is vital to avoid consuming hot beverages and foods, spicy foods, salty foods and citrus products until the mouth tissue is back to normal.

Cinnamon, minty toothpaste and acidic products such as tomatoes, coffee and soft drinks can also cause irritation.

It is vital to take extra care in avoiding aggravating the mouth such as chewing food rapidly and brushing the teeth aggressively using a hard-bristled toothbrush.

Considerations to bear in mind

A doctor or dentist should be consulted if there is chronic burning sensation in the mouth and not certain what caused it.

Burning mouth syndrome is a condition that can lead to burning sensations on the gum, tongues, inner cheeks and roof of the mouth. The pain might be continuous, come and go or become worse every day.

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