First aid supplies for the elderly

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The elderly have distinct problems that can get in the way of treating their conditions, particularly due to their brittle bones and delicate skin. You can create a first aid kit specifically for old individuals that is different than an all-purpose first aid kit. At the present, there are not any specialty first aid kits suitable for the elderly, thus it is best to create your own or at least add these items to a commercially-available first aid kit.


Scissors are a have must-have in any first aid kit, but clippers is vital for a kit specifically for the elderly. Due to fragile skin and brittle bones, the only measure to take away clothing over injuries is to cut if off.

Remember that scissors specifically for first aid are durable to snip through dense clothing, even denim but have a dull side to ensure that the skin is not cut. Unluckily, they are only available in right-hand versions.

You can create a first aid kit specifically for old individuals that is different than an all-purpose first aid kit.

Self-adherent bandages

Self-adherent bandages simply stick to themselves. The bandages are ideal for the elderly who have fragile skin, but only when a wound is in an area where you can wrap the bandage all the way around such as the leg or arm.

These bandages can also be used to provide compression and have an advantage of not requiring the use of safety pins or clips to hold them in place.

Butterfly closures

When creating a first aid kit for the elderly, you definitely need to include butterfly closures. These closures are utilized to hold the edges of small-sized cuts together. This allows cuts to heal straight and with minimal scarring. These closures are not as effective unlike with stitches for most wounds but the elderly have fragile skin that could no longer tolerate stitches.

Transparent film dressing

Cuts are quite common among individuals who have thin skin and tape is too strong to secure the perimeters together. Even the butterfly closures are strong for certain skin types. The transparent film dressings appear similar to plastic wrap and can allow skin tears to heal.

The film dressing hold the edges together by sticking gently to more surface area than a standard adhesive bandage or tape along with an added bonus of being invisible, thus allowing to see how the healing of a wound progresses.

Roller gauze

Roller gauze is useful for tears and scrapes that could not be sealed with a butterfly closure but needs to be covered. All you have to do is wrap it lightly around the leg or arm to provide coverage without adhering to the skin.

Non-stick gauze

Non-stick gauze is another option that can provide protection to delicate skin. These are not as good as film dressings but easier to find in pharmacies and drug stores.

Paper tape

It is important to note that tapes have various uses in first aid but some tapes can be irritating for those who have delicate skin. Even though paper tape is not as strong as other types, it is less irritating.

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