Immediate action with the delivery of CPR saves a life

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Steve Stewart and Steve Parks together with Abbotsford firefighters given a commendation. The certificates of commendation were presented to Steve Stewart and Steve Parks together with Abbotsford Fire Rescue Captain Jim Durvin and firefighters Scott Ellis, Tom Dodd, and Greg Herron.

A helping hand

A call concerning a case of the cardiac arrest came in from the Sevenoaks Alliance Church and when the fire crew arrived at the scene, they found a man lying lifeless in the parking lot.

The 2 men, Stewart and Parks were delivering CPR. The firefighters utilized a defibrillator at least twice and the man was revived.

Colin James Lewis, a 73-year old White Rock resident promptly looked at the firefighters and asked what was going on.

Enrolling in first aid and CPR course is essential.

The man was transported to Abbotsford hospital. He had to undergo emergency bypass surgery. On Monday, Lewis was present in Abbotsford to participate in the commendation ceremony.

According to Lewis, miracles do happen and gratefully thanked the fire crew and the 2 “Steves”. Lewis is expected to fully recover from his condition.

Why basic first aid is vital?

In instances where you are faced with a scenario where a person needs help and there is no medical personnel around, being trained on first aid and CPR is an advantage. Enrolling in first aid and CPR course is essential.

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