Is there a connection between emotional stress and chest pain?

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It is important to note that chest pain can be distressing since it can indicate a heart attack or other physical issue. Luckily, it does not always mean that the individual has a serious health issue. In some cases, the individual might only be under too much emotional stress and the mental state is starting to manifest physically. Most of the time, the pain can relieve on its own once the underlying cause is properly treated.

When it comes to chest pain, it is important that you know how to provide relief and when to consult a doctor. You can be prepared to provide the appropriate measures by enrolling a first aid course today.

What are the possible causes?

Chest pain
Anxiety and stress also have other physical effects other than chest pain such as dizziness, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, muscle tension and stomach issues.

Always bear in mind that chest pain has physical reasons such as angina as well as other health issues but there are also a number of emotional triggers. Chest pain that develops in a healthy individual can be instigated by stress. It was discovered that it can manifest from other stress-related emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. Men are more likely to suffer from chest pain directly linked to stress from work while women experience chest pain due to depression and chest pain.

What are the effects?

Anxiety and stress also have other physical effects other than chest pain such as dizziness, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, muscle tension and stomach issues. Take note that some of these symptoms are also linked to heart problems thus a doctor should be consulted to properly assess the condition. It is important to note that chronic levels of stress can eventually lead to a heart attack or other life-threatening issues such as stroke or high blood pressure.


There are various physical causes aside from stress or heart issues that might be responsible for the chest pain. It includes gastric reflux, heartburn, pancreas or gallbladder issues, rib or muscle injuries and even lung issues. It can be tough to differentiate an emotionally generated chest pain from these health issues. The risk factors as well as other physical indications should be considered that might indicate an injury or illness. A doctor should be consulted for a possibility of a physical cause or else the condition can worsen.


The chest pain should cease once the cause of the emotional stress is treated. It is recommended to limit both home and work schedules to a manageable level, prioritize time and set time aside for relaxation. There are also stress reduction activities that the individual should engage in such as yoga. Additionally, the individual should also be well aware of negative thoughts and try to change them consciously.

Important considerations to bear in mind

In most cases, the individual might not be able to manage emotional stress alone. With this in mind, it can harm the individual physically if it continues for a long time. It is important to note that it can disrupt with immunity, interfere with sleep, trigger generalized pain and skin issues such as eczema. A doctor should be consulted if the self-help efforts to do not work. In such cases, counselling as well as anti-anxiety medications are required to properly control the stress level.

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