Recovery time for tennis elbow

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When an individual has tennis elbow, it can cause a lot of pain and prevents the individual from engaging in tennis as well as other physical activities. Once an individual is diagnosed with tennis elbow, the time frame for recovery usually depends on how the individual complies with the treatment such as medications and even physical therapy if it was required.

If the condition is left untreated, tennis elbow can worsen, thus extending the recovery period and delaying the return of the individual to his/her activities. Always bear in mind that if the individual wants to achieve fast recovery, it requires time and patience.

Treatment of tennis elbow

Depending on the severity of the symptoms of tennis elbow, the treatment usually involves application of ice and rest. Physical therapy is also required in some cases while severe cases require surgery. If you want to learn more about first aid training available to you, click here.

It is best to consult a doctor to determine the exact cause. The doctor will diagnose the severity of the tennis elbow and then a visit to a physical therapist is required. The physical therapist will utilize the diagnosis of the doctor to create a rehabilitation plan. The recovery period depends on the commitment of the individual to the treatment plan.

Tennis elbow
Depending on the severity of the symptoms of tennis elbow, the treatment usually involves application of ice and rest.


Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications are part of the treatment plan given by the doctor. In some cases, the individual will require an injection of corticosteroids. There are also topical corticosteroids that can be given. The medication will reduce the pain and swelling for some time. In case the pain persists, the doctor will prescribe a stronger medication.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy involves massage therapy, ultrasound, manual therapy and stretching exercise. The therapy can help with the recovery period of the affected area as well as strengthening the wrist and forearm muscles. Depending on the severity of tennis elbow, the modes of treatment can last for several weeks or a few years in severe cases. Take note that this is a gradual process and the therapy exercises will progress in difficulty and there are new exercises that will be introduced.

Strengthening exercises

There are also strengthening exercises that the individual should perform. A commonly performed exercise is called as the rope curl. The individual will perform this while standing up with arms straight out in front. With a 2.5-5 lb. dumbbell tied to a rope with the other end tied on a stick, the individual should hold the stick using both hands and start to roll up the dumbbell. Once the dumbbell is rolled up, roll it back down. This must be repeated 3 times.

Time frame

It is important to follow the treatment plan created by the doctor. The individual should make sure that everything is done as instructed by the doctor. The time frame of recovery will depend on how the individual reacts to the treatment, medications and physical therapy.

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