Possible causes of pelvic bone pain

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The pelvic bone is essentially a set of bones called the os coxae that are paired which comprises the pelvic ring. Every os coxae develop from three bones that grow as one called the ischium. On the rear part of the pelvis, there are two os coxae that meet a part of the spinal column called the sacrum and form the joint known the sacroiliac joint. Another two os coxar cover the front to form another joint called the symphysis pubis. Since the pelvis is a big structure, pain and dysfunction can be triggered by various factors.

Sprain strain injury

The sacroiliac joint is considered as a movable joint that is covered by ligaments and muscles which makes it prone to sprain strain injury. In this type of injury, the muscles are torn to a certain degree while the ligaments are either torn or overly stretched out.

Pelvic bone
When it comes to a severe traumatic injury, there is possibility that a fracture to the pelvic bone can occur in various locations.

The ligaments support or stabilize the joint and when damaged, it can lead to instability of the joint and other accompanying symptoms. The sprain strain injury is triggered by a certain type of injury such as sports injury, vehicular accident or a slip and fall incident. The symptoms of a sprain strain on the sacroiliac joint include inflammation, bruising, muscle spasm, pain and muscle weakness. If you want to learn more about this type of injury, read here.


When it comes to a severe traumatic injury, there is possibility that a fracture to the pelvic bone can occur in various locations. In some circumstances, a severe case of muscle strain can actually trigger an avulsion fracture in which the muscle pulls away from the bone and fractures a piece of the pelvic bone.

Teenagers especially those who engage in sports and the elderly with osteoporosis are at risk for pelvic bone fractures. Take note that a broken pelvis is very sore and likely to swell and bruise, but typically heals properly with surgical care.

Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is considered as a long-term inflammatory condition that leads to the stiffening of the spinal joints and other joints in the body. Take note that the inflammation can actually instigate new bone growth and lead to the fusion of the joints. The distinctive feature of ankylosing spondylitis is the involvement of the sacroiliac joints. Individuals who have ankylosing spondylitis often seek treatment for the pain located in the sacroiliac part or low back.


It is important to note that Ewings sarcoma and chondrosarcoma are two bone cancers that typically develop in the pelvis. The primary bone cancer or a type of cancer that starts in the bone is considered rare but cancer from other parts of the body can spread to the pelvic bone and cause pain as well as progressing into a life-threatening condition.

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