Possible effects of eating expired foods

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Most packages of food in the market include a sell-by or use-by date that indicates how long they are safe for consumption. The consumption of expired foods can increase the risk for certain health issues. In case you are uncertain whether to eat a food that has expired, it is best to stay safe and discard it. Foods that have an undesirable flavor, odor or appearance must not be eaten. If a particular food is already way past its expiration date, it is best to stay safe by discarding the food.

Nutritional value

Foods that were eaten as soon as possible after purchase often have better taste than older foods and they might also be nutritious as well. Eating food that has been stored for some time is less nutritious than eating them fresh. In case food that has been expired is regularly eaten, the individual might be missing out on essential nutrients needed by the body. Even if the nutritional label clearly indicates that a food is nutritious, it might no longer contain as much of each nutrient as suggested by the labelling.

Expired foods
Always bear in mind that food poisoning occurs once the individual eats expired foods that contain bacteria.

Food poisoning

Uncooked eggs and meats are responsible for causing the symptoms of food poisoning, but any food that has expired will allow the growth of bacteria that can cause food-borne illness. Always bear in mind that food poisoning occurs once the individual eats expired foods that contain bacteria. This is likely to occur with perishable foods such as eggs, chicken, beef and prepared foods such as potato or macaroni salads. In case the food has already expired, it is best to simply discard it. Once an individual develops the symptoms of food poisoning, you have to be prepared to provide ease to the symptoms. All you have to do is to register for first aid training today in your area.

Changes in the taste

Even if the expired foods eaten are safe for consumption, they no longer taste good anymore. As time passes by, the quality of food declines, thus there is a decrease in the taste. Many expired foods are safe to eat but they are no longer tasty if they were eaten before the expiration date.

Physical discomfort

The consumption of food that has already expired might cause serious health issues such as food poisoning but it might instigate physical discomfort that can be unpleasant to the individual such as an upset stomach that might be accompanied by vomiting. The bloating and gas are other symptoms that can manifest if the individual has eaten expired foods. The moldy foods are capable of causing allergies or respiratory distress but some moldy foods can cause certain illnesses. It is best to discard expired foods than simply cutting off the part that has mold and still eating it.

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