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Squats: What are the common groin injuries?

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Squats is an exercise that helps strengthen various muscle groups. This involves using a bar placed transversely on the deltoids and the individual squats and raises the weight. Using heavy weights or lack of proper warm up can put one at risk for groin injuries such as a strain.

If the individual could not walk more than a few steps without intense pain or there is numbness or red-colored streaks from the site of injury, a doctor should be consulted.

Close look on the common groin injuries

Groin strain

One of the common groin injuries from squats is a groin strain or pull. This is stretching, bruising or tearing of the adductor muscles.

One of the common groin injuries from squats is a groin strain or pull. This is stretching, bruising or tearing of the adductor muscles. A strain not only involves the muscles but also the tendons linking the muscles to the front part of the hip bones.

These groin injuries can be caused by overuse, lack of warm up before exercise and engaging in strong, abrupt movements. The injury is characterized by sudden pain in the groin region and tenderness of the area. Within 24 hours, swelling and inflammation might arise while bruising arises within 48 hours.

Osteitis pubis

This involves inflammation and irritation of the pubic symphysis or the site where the right and left pubic bones link at the anterior region of the pelvic girdle.

Various muscles from the abdomen as well as the groin contract in this region during exercise. The injury is characterized by aching sensation at the front of the pubic bone but the discomfort can also be felt in the thigh and groin.


Groin injuries can be managed using the RICE method. The individual should get enough rest from any activity responsible for the pain. This should be followed by the application of an ice pack for 20 minutes every few hours during the initial 48 hours.

Place a compression bandage if needed and raise the affected leg. Provide an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication to lessen the swelling and pain. The individual should avoid jogging, walking and running if the injury triggers moderate to intense pain.

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