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Swollen eyes: Am I allergic to eyelash extensions?

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Swollen eyes can occur if an individual is allergic to eyelash extensions. These extensions are used to provide thicker, longer arrangement of eyelashes. The components and chemicals in these eyelash extensions along with the adhesive products might trigger an allergic reaction such as swollen eyes.

It is vital to remove the eyelash extensions at the initial sign of a reaction to prevent the symptoms from worsening. Being familiar with the possible symptoms of an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions can help determine an issue early on as well as seek medical care if needed.

What are the other symptoms?

It is important to note that the eyelash extensions, adhesive and other products usually come in contact with the skin of the eyelids. As a result, swollen eyes can occur right away. In some cases, other symptoms can manifest such as itchiness, bloodshot eyes, excessive watering and discomfort. In addition, there is also a dense drainage from the eyes especially upon waking up in the morning.

Management of swollen eyes

Swollen eyes
You can apply a cold compress on the eyelids to reduce the inflammation.

Once the eyelash extensions are removed, you have to get in touch with a doctor. You can apply a cold compress on the eyelids to reduce the inflammation. In case there are other symptoms, an antihistamine medication such as an over-the-counter allergy medication might be needed. As for severe reactions, the doctor might prescribe a medication or eye drop to alleviate the symptoms.


The individual should not use eyelash extensions if he/she has already experienced a previous reaction before. If a different manufacturer is considered, carefully compare the chemicals present in all the application products.

If there are any similarities, it might trigger a reaction as well. You can minimize the risk for ending up with swollen eyes and other symptoms by selecting an approach that will not trigger a reaction. You can utilize an eyelash curler and a good-quality mascara to boost the appearance of long, thick lashes. In addition, it is best to try out different products until one that provides the best results is discovered.

Important considerations

Prior to having eyelash extensions applied, the individual should ask the stylist regarding products that are likely to trigger the least reaction. This is beneficial if the individual has previous allergic reactions to cosmetics or other related products.

A minor reaction to eyelash extensions might not necessitate medical care, but it is best to stop using the product right away. In case the symptoms become worse or other symptoms such as blurred or cloudy vision occurs, set an appointment with a doctor right away.

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