What are the foods to avoid if I am coughing?

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Coughing can be frustrating and troublesome during the day and can keep anyone awake all night. The cough can be caused by infection, illness or exposure to pollutants or can be a side effect of certain medications. Avoidance of certain foods can help minimize the inflammation and throat spasms that instigate certain types of coughing.

Food allergens and triggers

If the coughing is linked to asthma which is a condition that affects the lungs and triggers wheezing, shortness of breath and other symptoms, avoiding certain foods can greatly help.

There are certain food allergens and triggers that can aggravate the symptoms of asthma including coughing. The doctor can pinpoint if the asthma is connected to the diet. The potential food allergens include shellfish, cow’s milk, eggs, fish, nuts and yeast. Some foods such as fizzy beverages, wine, prepared salads as well as processed meats might contain chemicals that can also instigate asthma. Always keep track of the diet

Can dairy products cause coughing?

Individuals who are coughing to clear phlegm in the throat must avoid foods that produce mucus to relieve the problem.

Individuals who are coughing to clear phlegm in the throat must avoid foods that produce mucus to relieve the problem. In a study conducted, consumption of milk appears to trigger the production of mucus in the respiratory tract including the throat and the lungs.

The protein from the digestion of milk triggers excess production of mucus in the intestinal tract. With this in mind, milk and other dairy foods might have a similar effect on the respiratory glands especially if there is already an infection or inflammation. If an individual is coughing, milk must be eliminated from the diet to check if it can help.

Caffeine and dehydration

Having a dry throat can lead to discomfort upon swallowing along with a raspy cough. It is vital to keep the body properly hydrated to soothe a dry throat.

Encourage the individual to drink more fluids but avoid those that contain caffeine such as tea, coffee, sodas and energy drinks. Remember that caffeine is a mild diuretic that can stimulate urination which causes the body to lose water.

Processed foods

Nutrition has an essential role in how well the immune system fights off infections and conditions that leads to coughing and other related symptoms. Poor nutrition disrupts the immune system and suppresses some of its essential protective functions.

The immune system must be given a boost by avoiding processed and refined foods such as baked goods, white pasta, white bread, packaged snacks, chips and sugary desserts which are low in minerals, vitamins and fiber. These foods must be replaced with nutrient-dense whole foods to improve immune strength.

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