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What are the signs of a parietal stroke?

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A parietal stroke can result to various effects since it is a vital region in the brain that controls a variety of functions. Remember that this type of stroke can cause confusing symptoms.

What is the role of the parietal lobe?

The parietal lobe is a part of the cerebral cortex which is positioned at the top and near the rear part of the brain. There is a right and left parietal lobe. The lobes are mainly involved with awareness of body position, sensation, vision, speech and reading.

What happens during a parietal stroke?

  • Blood vessels – a parietal stroke can occur if one or more of the blood vessels supplying blood to the lobe is obstructed or bleeding.
    parietal stroke
    The stroke can also disrupt with sensation of the entire opposite side of the body or only a small region such as the foot or hand.
  • Sensory alterations – a stroke can lead to impaired sensation. An individual might be unable to detect where on the body a sensation is specifically located. The stroke can also disrupt with sensation of the entire opposite side of the body or only a small region such as the foot or hand. Some experience unusual sensations known as paresthesia.
  • Visual changes – oftentimes, a part of vision is lost which results to difficulty seeing or recognizing and reaching for objects. In addition, there is also vision loss that affects the right or left lower fields of vision in both eyes.
  • Diminished level of awareness – some individuals have difficulty figuring out how to move the body in a normal manner.
  • Motor apraxia – an individual could not perform simple motor activities
  • Alexia – this can occur after a parietal stroke that is defined as inability to read despite seeing the letters.
  • Gertsmann syndrome – this is a distinctive outcome of a parietal stroke where the individual is confused between right and left, inability to name the fingers on 2 hands as well as perform simple math calculations and writing.

If a parietal stroke is considered large, it can lead to brief swelling of the brain. Remember that this can be serious, but the swelling typically settles with proper medical care and most can see a big improvement in their condition.

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