Skin rashes caused by bed bugs

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When bed bugs are present, the individual can suffer from a form of an itchy skin rash and can be difficulty to differentiate from other types of insect bites. Bed bugs are considered as a problem in different parts of the globe which can be due to the increased international travel.

Bed bugs are described as small-sized, oval-shaped parasites without wings that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Some types of bed bugs tend to live in the nests of bats and birds while others live close to humans. Bed bugs that are newly hatched are about the size of a poppy seed and can grow up to a quarter inch long. It is important to note that there are two species of bed bugs that are responsible for infestation in human homes – Cimex hemipterus and Cimex lectularius.

Bed bug
The indications of bed bug bites typically resolve without requiring treatment within one to two weeks.

Bed bug bites

Always bear in mind that bed bugs are nocturnal. It simply means that once humans are asleep, they will crawl out from their hiding place such as box springs, mattresses and headboards to feed. If the individual wakes up with an itch and you do not suspect bed bugs to be responsible, you are wrong.

Bed bugs do not have regard to the cleanliness and tend to hide even in homes that are tidy as well as the neatest hotel suites. Once a bed bug delivers a bite, it will leave behind a trace amount of saliva. The bites of bed bugs can present as a line or cluster of small-sized, red-colored bites that strikingly resemble a rash. Some individuals do not even react to the bite while others can experience a severe allergic reaction by hives and itchiness. You can easily manage an allergic reaction if you will register for first aid training today.

Managing bed bug bites

Bites by bed bugs can appear similar to the bites of other insects such as mosquitoes and fleas, thus it is difficult to simply self-diagnose the condition by checking the skin. It is important to have the bite assessed by the doctor so that other possible causes of the rash can be eliminated. It is vital to avoid scratching the bite site since it will increase the risk for developing a secondary infection.

The indications of bed bug bites typically resolve without requiring treatment within one to two weeks. A non-prescription oral antihistamine or topical hydrocortisone cream can help reduce the itchiness. In case the infection develops since the individual scratched the bed bug bite, it can be treated by an antibiotic.

Prevention of bed bugs

If bed bugs are suspected, it is advised to check the sleeping space of the individual carefully. Check the bed linens, mattresses and box springs for any sign of bed bugs as well as the curtains, corners of desks or dresser and even under loose wall coverings.

Always bear in mind that bed bugs produce an unusual scent. They are difficult to eliminate without the help of a professional pest control service since they can live for months without a human host. The home treatment that does not involve chemicals involves meticulous vacuuming of all the areas as well as washing and drying of items in a hot cycle. The mattresses and other items of furniture that show signs of severe infestation must be discarded.

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