Signs of a diabetic attack

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An individual experiencing a diabetic attack might have various symptoms. Individuals diagnosed with diabetes might experience having low or high blood sugar levels. It is important to note that diabetes is an ailment where the body could not properly utilize insulin which is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar levels.

The blood sugar is responsible for fueling the body. If there is an inequality of blood sugar and insulin, it might trigger certain health issues.

Close look on the indications of a diabetic attack

Mental changes

The mental changes are the initial signs of an imbalance in the blood sugar levels that can lead to a diabetic attack. The changes arise rapidly and can progressively worsen if treatment is delayed. A blood sugar level that is too high or low might trigger confusion and issues with memory. The individual might appear unusually confused and has difficulty recalling recent events or personal information. Once the imbalance worsens, additional physical signs might arise while the mental changes continue to worsen.

Blurred or double vision, trembling and headaches might also arise with low or high blood sugar.

Dizziness might also be present along with weakness. If not treated, a diabetic individual might lose consciousness. The individual might be hard to rouse or engage. In such instances, prompt medical care is necessary to prevent further complications.

Hunger and thirst

Having low or high blood sugar levels can change how the body utilizes food for fuel. If the blood sugar level is high, the body draws fluid from the cells which leaves the tissues with proper hydration. This causes the individual to experience thirst along with an increased frequency in urination. If left untreated, it can progress to ketoacidosis which is a dangerous condition.

If the blood sugar level is low, the body craves for extra food for fuel which leads to increased hunger. The individual should eat foods that contain about 15 g of carbohydrates to prevent the level from dropping until medical care can be sought.

What are the additional signs?

The indications of a diabetic attack might arise abruptly. An individual with low blood sugar might start to sweat and develop cool, clammy skin. The sweating is largely profuse along with additional signs. Blurred or double vision, trembling and headaches might also arise with low or high blood sugar.

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