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Every year in our community there is always an occurrence of unfortunate disasters like: floods, hurricanes, fire, earthquakes, tornadoes, explosions and other types of hazardous accidents. Usually, the workplace approved volunteer in incidence like this to help rescue or offer first aid help to the victims but there is always a shortage of volunteers especially in extraordinary disasters. This is one of the reasons why there is a special workplace approved Program that trains participants to render first aid care to victims of natural and domestic disaster.

Here a few areas covered in the program:

Care for Mass Disasters:

In incidence of mass disaster like flood, earthquakes and so on, shelter is offered it victims. Inside this shelter emergency shelters which are meant to be for short term stay, medical care is offered to the victims by Victim Reliefprofessional medical practitioners and trained workplace approved volunteers. The victims are accommodated and treated until they can relocate to their new homes.

Food is also provided in mass volume to the victims by workplace approved trained cooks and our chefs who volunteer to feed the victims.

Other interested people who cannot offer their services but still want to participate in the volunteer program offer financial aid to the victims. These finances are used to purchase the amenities needed, such as first aid kits, food, shelter, water, transportation and other needed amenities.

Care for Affected Families:

Though the volunteer medical care and aid offered to families that were victims of disasters are mostly in the form of financial, there are also other gifts encouraged by the workplace approved program like: offering of clothing, groceries, household products and any other useful amenities for the families. They also assist victims to expedite them in getting new homes from the local government or the authorities in charge. Apart from the immediate medical care offered to the victims, other necessary medical cares which were incurred from the disasters are rendered. Some are described below:

  • Mental Health Service: Due to the extent of the disaster or shock, some of the victims might need mental health care. workplace approved trained and licensed mental health volunteers take care of such victims by offering them emergency and preventive health care and counseling.
  • Health Service: The workplace approved program specially trains participant with the appropriate first aid skills and experience to render medical care and emergency response to victims of mass disasters. The goal of these trained volunteers is to supplement the health care and medical equipment that the community already has in the occurrence of these disasters.
  • Locating Family Members and Keeping them Safe: Often when

    these disasters happen, a family member might be missing and impossible to locate without the help of the law enforcement agencies or authorities. The workplace approved Program assists in expediting the process of locating these family members and comforting them during this time of stress.

So, if you are a natural humanitarian or interested in giving back to the society in the form of offering medical care services to your community then the disaster relief program is for you.

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