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Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye

Lazy eye is a childhood condition wherein there is a loss of ability to see details in one eye.This condition typically affects only one eye but may also affect both eyes in relatively rare cases. It is one of the leading causes of partial or total blindness in one eye in infants and children. If […]

Safely putting on gloves prior to helping


Shingles is an infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus, the same virus causing chickenpox, that appears as a painful skin rash.Chickenpox is a common viral infection in children that is very contagious and characterized by extremely itchy rashes. After having chickenpox, the virus stays in the body and remains dormant for many years. As one […]

CPR Courses

Save Your Loved Ones through CPR Courses

Can you bear to see your loved family member falling down with a sudden cardiac arrest or suffering breathlessness due to some trauma? Be sensitized and act immediately. Use your practical skills acquired through CPR Courses to rescue your loved one from death. Concept and Need for CPR Course Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is shortly referred to as CPR. It is […]

Itchy Skin

First Aid Treatment: Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is a feeling of tingling or irritation of the skin that makes a person want to scratch the affected area. Itching may either be localized (in a particular area only) or systemic/ generalized (body-wide). For most people, itching can be simply treated by scratching but this should actually be avoided. Scratching skin may […]

First Aid for Pufferfish Poisoning

The Dangers of Pufferfish Poisoning

Pufferfish poisonings occur from eating undercooked or poorly handled pufferfish.These rarely occur but can be severely life-threatening. It is said to be the second most poisonous creature in the world, next only to the Golden Poison Frog. It is estimated that one pufferfish can kill 30 adult human beings. Although considered a delicacy in Japan, […]

Victim Relief

Take A Program to Volunteer for Disaster Relief Services

Every year in our community there is always an occurrence of unfortunate disasters like: floods, hurricanes, fire, earthquakes, tornadoes, explosions and other types of hazardous accidents. Usually, the workplace approved volunteer in incidence like this to help rescue or offer first aid help to the victims but there is always a shortage of volunteers especially in […]

Chemical Weapons awareness class

Vesicant Chemical Weapons

Vesicants are chemical agents that causes blistering and results in burning, conjunctivitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, hematopoietic suppression and in severe lethal doses lead to death.  Vesicants are also known was blistering agents or mustard agents which are usually delivered in either liquid or gas form that produces burns and blisters on the skin, eyes, throat as […]

First Aid Training Class for Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure

A person can experience radiation exposure by either alpha particles, beta particles and gamma-radiation.  Basically, radiation is only harmful once it penetrates the skin and causes severe damage to the body in a not just the cellular level but more importantly the DNA level as well. Alpha particle exposure cannot penetrate the skin and with […]


5 Lifesaving Tests For Diabetes

  Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic that affects people across ages. In America alone, 112 individuals are diagnosed with diabetes every hour. Know the top five lifesaving tests for diabetes and prevent serious complications. It is estimated that about 70 million Americans are living with diabetes. The actual number may even be greater, with millions […]