What are the causes of finger numbness?

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The symptoms of finger numbness should not be ignored. Always remember that finger numbness can indicate a serious health issue. Since the fingers are used for various tasks, diminished sensation in the fingers will affect the ability of the individual to carry out daily tasks. Other accompanying symptoms include numbness in the hand, burning and tingling sensation.

An individual experiencing a lack of sensation in the fingers should seek immediate medical care to determine the underlying condition. Emergency treatment is required if the finger numbness radiates up the arm and accompanied by paralysis and confusion. Take note that these are symptoms of stroke and entail immediate medical care.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Finger numbness
The pressure that is applied on the involved nerve generates symptoms which include finger numbness that is usually associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

A carpal tunnel syndrome is often linked to prolonged typing using a keyboard and commonly connected with numbness of the fingers. The carpal tunnel is a structure similar to a tube that is situated along the palm region of the wrist. This tube holds and protects the main nerve that leads to the hand and the associated tendons.

The pressure that is applied on the involved nerve generates symptoms which include finger numbness that is usually associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. It is also reported that numbness connected with the condition frequently involves the thumb, middle and index fingers. As for the pinky finger, it is rarely affected. An individual can sense the numbness when driving or afterwards sleeping. Other symptoms also include general weakness in the hands and radiating pain.

Broken finger

A fractured finger can cause finger numbness as well as swelling, inability to move the finger and tenderness. A broken finger is not a minor injury and if proper treatment is not provided, it can lead to serious complications. A fractured finger will take 6-8 weeks to fully heal. The treatment includes an X-ray as well as the application of a splint in order to keep the fractured finger properly aligned. As for severe cases of fractures, it would require surgery involving the placement of screws and pins to hold the bones in place. You can enroll in a first aid class if you want to learn how to manage a broken finger.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage can cause numbness and tingling in the fingers as well as the feet. The blood vessels that are attached to the nerves in the hands and feet of a diabetic individual are damaged by the elevated blood sugar level. The damage occurs over time as the diabetes progresses. Almost half of individuals who have diabetes have some form of nerve damage that can affect any part of the body. Other symptoms of neuropathy include the feeling of hot or cold in the hands or the sensation of wearing gloves. Proper management of the blood glucose level is vital in preventing neuropathy or preventing it from worsening.

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