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Chest Pain Caused by Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones weakens, making them fragile and prone to damage. The condition steadily develops over several years and only diagnosed when a minor fall or abrupt impact results to a fracture. The common injuries among individuals with osteoporosis include: Hip fractures Wrist fractures Spinal fractures Nevertheless, they can also affect […]

What is chronic ankle instability?

Chronic ankle instability involves recurrent giving away of the external side of the ankle. The condition often develops after repeated ankle sprains. Generally, the giving away occurs while walking or engaging in other activities but can also occur while standing. Individuals with chronic ankle instability often end up with the following: Persistent swelling and discomfort […]

What is chronic lateral ankle pain?

Chronic lateral ankle pain has various causes that you should be familiar with. Chronic or recurrent discomfort on the exterior side of the ankle often arises after damage such as an ankle sprain. Indications Pain, usually on the exterior side of the ankle that might be significant that there is difficulty walking or participating in […]

Types of facial fractures

There are various causes of facial fractures. Generally, a fracture can be caused by vehicular accidents, workplace mishaps, sports-related injuries and interpersonal trauma. During the early management phase, life-threatening issues are dealt with initially and repairs are only done once the condition of the individual has been stabilized. In most cases, a CT scan is […]

Back Spine Spinal Pain outside

Overview on osteomalacia

Osteomalacia is a disorder that weakens the bones and makes them susceptible to damage. The condition involves reduced mineralization that results to the breakdown of bone faster than it can re-form. The condition is likely to occur among adults. What are the causes? Osteomalacia generally develops due to lack of vitamin D or less frequently […]


What is osteomyelitis?

Bone infection or osteomyelitis occurs once bacteria or fungi invades a bone. Among children, bone infections typically occur in the long bones of the legs and arms. As for adults, they usually arise in the spine, hips and feet. Osteomyelitis can develop abruptly or over a long period of time. If not correctly treated, the […]

Broken finger

A broken finger involves a fracture in one of the finger bones. The thumbs are comprised of 2 bones and the remaining digits have 3 bones. This is a common injury and likely to occur in accidents, sports injuries or a fall. What are the indications of an injury? A broken finger can cause inflammation […]

Broken foot: How to manage one

A broken foot is a condition involving a fracture to any of the 26 foot bones. The fracture can occur in the toes, heel, ankle or midfoot. A broken foot can occur from various injuries such as accidents, falls or dropping heavy objects on the foot. In addition, osteoporosis which involves thinning and weakening of […]